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Sketch and Preliminary Drawings

Once the initial Design Layout (Concept Drawings) is completed - either by you or by us - the next step is a creation of the Preliminary Drawings (sometimes called Sketch or First Drawings).

Finally, loose ideas take more concrete shape. Your house acquires a defined form not only by itself but in a context of the site and its topography. All floors, walls, doors, windows, roofs and many other elements are in place ready for a fine-tuning. The initial internal layout is complete and external materials, and most features are marked.

With an extensive dimensioning, well-detailed Plan views, Elevations, as well as, internal and external Perspectives it's easy to understand, re-think and make the final decisions about the design.

Typically*, PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS SET would include the following pages:

  1. SITE PLAN or PLANS (if sufficient details are supplied) - with dimensioned building(s) position(s)
  2. FLOOR PLAN or PLANS (as applicable) - usually fully dimensioned, detailed and labelled
  3. ALL ELEVATIONS - with main materials graphically represented and labelled
  6. KITCHEN VIEW - internal perspective view of the Kitchen (if required).
  7. BIRD'S EYE VIEW of your Project (usually with the roofs hidden for clarity).

*) PLEASE NOTE: content and number of pages may vary depending on the complexity of the Project.
PLEASE NOTE: Content and number of pages may vary depending on the complexity of the Project.
During this phase most changes are allowed free of charge, however some structural, substantial and numerous continuous alterations may attract (at our discretion) an additional fee.

Since the initial design is based on (and adhered to - as much as practical) your Design Brief, typically, changing of up to around 25% of the original design constitute alterations – if more than that is required, it usually becomes a new project.
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