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Pre-cast and Tilit-up Concrete Panels

Among other things, we can help you with drawings for concrete pre-cast and tilt-up panels.

Our experience includes many residential and commercial buildings as well as detailing of concrete pre-cast panels for recently finished enlarged Cotter Dam in ACT.
These panels were particularly tricky because they had very unusual  shapes with many faces at different angles, had to be finished to very strict tolerances and interlock perfectly. We have done our job well.
Our concrete panels drawings include:
  • 3-dimensional Design
    • Elevations for each panel with 3-D views
    • Centre of Gravity calculated and accurately marked for each panel,
    • Enlarged and/or 3-D details of difficult/important parts
  • Panel Shop Drawings
    • All cast-ins like edge and face lifters, ferrules, couplers, reo bars, strongbacks, etc.
    • Cast-ins positioned in correctly calculated places,
    • Plumbing accurately positioned, marked and dimensioned (if applicable),
    • Electrical conduits and blockouts accurately positioned, marked and dimensioned (if applicable),
    • All penetrations accurately positioned, marked and dimensioned (if applicable),
    • Data about each panel including reo, mesh, concrete, finish, area, volume,  mass and quantity of each cast-in,
  • Formwork Building Drawings
    • Formwork details with important elements emphasized to allow easy and accurate formwork building.
  • All required connections and Brackets Shop Drawings and Quantity
    • Bracket plan(s) for panels joints,
    • Bracket Details page(s) for bracket manufacturing,
  • Erection Sequence
    • Key Plan(s) with number and erection sequence marked for all panels,
    • Temporary bracing plan(s)
We have experience in concrete panels for many structures ranging from simple silos walls, through supermarket external walls, factory walls to sophisticated multilayered insulated “sandwich” panels and textured feature walls with embedded LCD lights. Walls of many functions and often complicated shapes.

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